Open Core Data API and Semantics

API's and Semantics

Information on API's semantics and examples of their implementation


As part of the effort to enable more machine access to Open Core Data holdings we will develope a set of notebooks showing examples of using the API's, linked data and semantics that are part of Open Core Data. The goal then is to foster connections and development of further examples of their use in tools like iPython, R, MatLab, and other working environments scientist use. This repository (OpenCoreNotebooks) is just the start and we will strive to build connections and develope examples that can be shared here elsewhere.


As the OCD API's are developed they will be described using the swagger approach. Swagger (ref is a method to describe RESTful API's in a way that is both human and machine readable. It also provides for interactive documentation, SDK's for client generation and discoverability. A listing of current API's can be found at As new API's are developed they automatically show up here with documentation pulled from the source code itself.


Open Core Data is incorporating several Linked Open Data ( patterns and semantic approaches. This includes the development of supporting SKOS based vocabularies and integration with larger ontlogies like those in development by the EarthCube GeoLink Building Block ( Additionally Open Core Data hosts some of its data in an RDF triple store with a SPARQL 1.1 complient end point at ( .