CSDCO Vocabulary

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Property Index

List of the properties present in the vocabulary

Name Range Description
ngdc_serial unique identifier used for borehole record at NOAA-NCEI Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples; will soon migrate to IGSN
ngdc_comment concatenation of other columns
location string geographic feature name where drilling occurs
locationtype string type of geographic feature drilled
expedition string facility unique identifier for the project
locationid string facility unique identifier for the location of drilling
site int site within a location where drilling occurs, with lithology drilled expected to be the same for all holes drilled; first site is 1; next site is 2; etc.
hole char borehole drilled or cored; first hole at a site is A; next hole is B; etc.
sitehole string concatenation of /site and /hole
originalid string identifier assigned to the borehole in the field, during drilling, if different from facility unique identifier
holeid facility unique indentifier for the borehole; a concatenation of /expedition, /locationid, YY, /site, and /hole
platform string vessel name or vessel type used to bring drilling equipment to the drilling site, or ground or ice surface if no vessel was used
date date date of the start of drilling the borehole (date of spud)
waterdepthm float water depth at hole, if standing water exists at the site
country string country
state_province string state or province
county_region string county or other defined region
pi string investigators
lat float latitude of the borehole top
long float longitude of the borehole top
elevation float elevation above sea level at the ground surface, or water surface if standing water is present at the site
position string description of the accuracy of the latitude and longitude values
sampletype string type of sample collected
comment string comment/note
mblft float geologic depth at top of sample collection interval within borehole
mblfb float geologic depth at bottom of borehole (total depth)
metadatasource string source of metadata about the borehole
platformname platform/vessel name, if any, from which drilling occurs
platformtype type of platform from which drilling occurs
azimuth float compass orientation of the borehole at start of drilling/coring, if not vertical
dip float angle of the borehole at start of drilling/coring, relative to vertical
igsn string International Geo Sample Number; globally unique identifier for borehole
contactPoint vcard:Kind Link a dataset to relevant contact information which is provided using VCard [vcard-rdf].
description rdfs:Literal free-text account of the dataset.
distribution dcat:Distribution Connects a dataset to its available distributions.
frequency The frequency at which dataset is published.
identifier A unique identifier of the dataset.
keyword rdfs:Literal A keyword or tag describing the dataset.
landingPage A Web page that can be navigated to in a Web browser to gain access to the dataset, its distributions and/or additional information.
language The language of the dataset.
publisher An entity responsible for making the dataset available.
releaseDate Date of formal issuance (e.g., publication) of the dataset.
spatialCoverage Spatial coverage of the dataset.
temporalCoverage The temporal period that the dataset covers.
theme The main category of the dataset. A dataset can have multiple themes.
title A name given to the dataset.
updateDate Most recent date on which the dataset was changed, updated or modified.